Why do we need antivirus? This is an insane question now as everybody who has a little sedikit of knowledge about komputer and how it works they are sure to know how inevitable it is to have antivirus installed in your PC. Once you decide on installing one, you will get many options in the net, some are free and some comes with a price tag. If you think that free antivirus is not god enough then think again! You have the Avast free antivirus which is ruling the list of popularity due to its brilliant performance. The Download of Avast anti-virus is simple and it will take you around three minutes with approximately ten clicks to complete. To complete the installation process, a restart is necessary. Surprisingly the free version is valid for a year all you have to do is register with Avast. You can download the free version of Avast 2014  from detail


Menggali ke dalam Avast

Amongst the free antivirus, Avast is the best one doing the rounds of the market for long time. It is user friendly; anybody and everybody can navigate through. You have all the options coming up in the left hand corner for the easy access of the primary settings and other information panels. If you are not sure what the particular settings does for you then you klik on it and it will give you the illustration in an interesting way. When you click on Avast icon on your PC it pop up providing you the details whether you are safe or not and on the top one tombol is placed which says Upgrade. Below it shows you why you should keep your PC protected as there are hackers for the look out of the unsecured site so that they can hack into some personal customer data, business account information or even your personal bank account details. So, you see how important it is to keep yourself secured with some high performance antivirus like Avast!


Efektivitas antivirus gratis Avast

Avast sangat efektif karena hampir semua file virus terdeteksi dan tidak membiarkan malware melewatinya. Avast telah bekerja keras untuk mengidentifikasi semakin banyak virus dan malwares baru sehingga dapat terus diperbarui dan menjaga PC Anda terlindungi dari semua ancaman di internet.


In order to keep you protected it has provided you with so many scanning options. The quick scan will offer you a scanning of those areas which are mostly prone to malware fungsi. The full system scan performs an out an out scan of your whole system and this process is time consuming. Removable media scan as the name suggests scans all the removable media which is attached to your PC currently. Select map to scan is the option you can choose when you want to scan a particular folder that you think might contain some threats. Boot time scan will run automatically next time the system started after you click the start button. It has a RAM tapak of 82 MB and you will get around 13-second impact on the startup time but if you have faster hard drive then you won’t be able to notice the difference on boot time at all.

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Karena itu dengan begitu banyak opsi pemindaian PC Anda, Anda dapat yakin bahwa Anda berada di tangan yang aman dan semua dokumen penting Anda diamankan dari segala jenis ancaman.


Dampak pada sistem setelah instalasi

So many tools are available for providing you a hassle free work. It will sometimes make sit presence felt with the voice message that pops up stating the fillet has been updated to the latest version. If you can just turn off the volume then you are goo to go.


Avast sama sekali tidak memengaruhi waktu menjalankan sistem. Di chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer dan Firefox akan diinstal secara default. Tampaknya tidak pernah melakukan intervensi dengan beranda atau bahkan dengan pengaturan pencarian.

Sistem pendukung Avast

If you have any issues with Avast then you can simple go to the Bantuan button and there you will get the Support ciri, click on that and the above mentioned page opens up. Before you launch your complain you can simple go to FAQs an check whether it has some answer for your query or not. If it doesn’t then you have other options through which you will get your query answered.


Ingin meningkatkan - ketahui rencananya!

Jika Anda puas dengan kinerja mereka dan ingin berlangganan maka Anda dapat memilih paket apa pun yang Anda inginkan. Paket ditampilkan di Toko, Anda harus mengklik di sana dan semua transaksi muncul dan dari sana Anda dapat memilih mana yang cocok untuk Anda.


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Dengan semua fitur baru dan menarik, Avast ada di sini untuk melindungi Anda dari semua jenis ancaman dan serangan, dan hal baiknya adalah itu ramah pengguna. Jadi, mulailah perjalanan Anda dengan Avast hari ini dan nikmati selancar yang damai.

Unduh anti virus gratis Avast 2014: Unduh Sekarang.